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Fiction & Icon Journal
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Date:2006-09-25 15:26
Subject:X-Fic written for me...

likeadeuce wrote this for me at the xmmficathon. It's Jean Grey gen and it is awesome! Jean is so complicated and real. It's exactly the kind of gen I love. Plus, the prose is flawless. I wish my writing was half so smooth. Check it out.

Phoenix: Lovesong (The J. Alfred Prufrock Mix)

There is so much X-Men fic to read right now. I've got to get busy.

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Date:2006-09-23 15:30
Subject:XMMFicathon Fic: Grief Management (Logan/Scott NC-17)

Title: Grief Management
Pairing: Logan/Scott, references to Logan/Kurt, Scott/Jean
Rating: NC-17 for slash.
Disclaimer: Not mine.
Summary: A girl like Jean is hard to get out of your head.
Thanks to Many thanks to my betas rexluscus and storydivagirl for the speedy and excellent help. All mistakes are my own.

Written for: likeadeuce who requested Scott/Logan. b/t X2&X3 (no cheating on Jean, please!); physical exercise (ie, weightlifting, running) as grief management; a specific sound or smell as a trigger to memory. BONUS request fullfilled: Scott smokes a cigar

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Date:2006-09-11 11:14
Subject:Kinda Lush Fic: Hate to See You Go, Snape Family G

Title: Hate to See You Go
Characters: Severus, Eileen, Tobias
Rating: G (my first completely smut-free story ever)
Disclaimer: Not mine.
Summary: Young Severus prepares to go to Hogwarts.
Notes: Thanks to sor_bet for the beta. I promised James/Severus Hate!Sex, I ended up with gen about Severus and his mum. I have no control over my muse.

Hate to See You Go...Collapse )

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Date:2006-08-16 08:43
Subject:Reversathon Fic: On the Life Expectancy of the Phoenix, Remus/Severus NC-17

reversathon reveal:

I think most people guessed that I was Velma LaVeela, pornographer. I wrote "On the Life Expectancy of the Phoenix" for warped_factor aka Venusia Shimpling. The request was for some smutty, plotty Snupin with a happy ending. I decided to set the story at Spinner's End, and I stared at a lot of L. S. Lowry paintings to get the mood.

I had two amazing betas. sor_bet (who convinced me not to toss the story out the window) and mamadeb (who among other helpful things caught my acorn, "slight of hand").

kennahijja wrote for me The Art of Surrender (Lucius/Percy, Lucius/Ron, Percy/Ron). It's kinky and dark and perfect. I actually feel a little thrilled to be associated with the story in some small way, it's that fantastic. Now I have to go read all of her stories. She's my new favorite drug. I still haven't read half the reversathon stories. I have to finish writing for all these ficathons I've joined so I can get caught up on my reading.

Thanks to fluffyllama and corvidae9 for throwing the party.

On the Life Expectancy of the Phoenix

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Date:2006-08-14 18:40
Subject:Fic: Every Chance, James/Sirius NC-17

Title: Every Chance
Pairing: James/Sirius
Rating: Hard R, possibly NC-17
Disclaimer: Not mine.
Warnings: Fisting. Agnst. Loose POV.
Summary: In Azkaban, Sirius tries not to remember James...
Thanks to summerborn and onewavebreaks for the beta. All errors and awkwardness are the result of my ignoring them.

Every ChanceCollapse )

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Date:2006-08-11 12:14
Subject:Fic: Higher, Severus/Remus/Sirius NC-17

Title: Higher
Pairing: Remus/Severus/Sirius
Rating: Hard R, possibly NC-17 for slashy threesome fun.
Disclaimer: Not mine.
Warnings: Slashy threesome fun. Drug use.
Summary: Any kind of sexual act that can only be described using a French word is never a good idea, especially with a Slytherin involved.
Thanks to sor_bet for the beta.
Notes: This was started as a response to the lupin_snape Aurally Inspired Challenge which would have been the challenge for June. It's also a gift fic for femslash_fan who wanted some young Sirius/Snape/Remus action.

I am so high. I can hear heaven.
I am so high. I can hear heaven.
Oh but heaven... no, heaven don't hear me.

From Hero by Nickelback

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Date:2006-07-28 12:40
Subject:Icons: Battlestar Galactica Set

This set contains mostly Helo and some of Chief. Take, use, enjoy. If you want me to add text to any of them, let me know.


Two reasons I wish I were Boomer...Collapse )

Caps by
_jems_ http://www.leavemethewhite.com/bsg/index.php
And BSG-Caps.com

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Date:2006-07-25 12:52
Subject:Icons: Tiny Lupin Set

Haven't posted in a while. I give you this very small HP icon set. All Remus Lupin because I'm a little in love with him right now. Take, use, enjoy. If you want me to add text to any of them, let me know.


Professor LupinCollapse )

Caps by crumblingwalls
Brushes by victoriaely, 77words, unmasked_icons, scarsonchest

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Date:2006-06-03 08:31
Subject:X-Men Fic: Rehabilitation, Magneto/Pyro Rated R

Title: Rehabilitation
Pairing: Pyro/Gambit Pyro/Magneto
Rating: R for slash and language.
Disclaimer: Not mine.
Warnings: Major spoilers for X3. Bad language, some violent imagery.
Summary: John needs Magneto.
Thanks to lilacsigil for the beta.

Rated RCollapse )

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Date:2006-05-27 18:38
Subject:Meme for Sor_bet

sor_bet tagged me for this a while ago. I just got around to it...

What's in a usernameCollapse )

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Date:2006-05-23 16:44
Subject:HP Fic: The Game, Lucius/Severus/Remus NC-17

Title: The Game
Pairing: Severus/Remus, Lucius/Severus/Remus
Rating: NC-17 for slash and kink.
Disclaimer: Not mine.
Warnings: Kink, D's, roleplay, public wanking, humiliation, orgasm denial, chan, references to youngish chan. Severus and Remus are in their fifth year.
Summary: It's Severus' game but Remus is quickly learning how to play. This is set in the Maurader's era.
A/N: This is for the May challenge at lupin_snape. It's based on a prompt by lorelei_lee1968
Thanks to sor_bet for the beta.

Kinky NC-17Collapse )

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Date:2006-05-16 10:31

Is it really not done to rec something you beta'd? I beta'd this but I'm also rec-ing. It was perfect when I first saw it, my beta was all fan-girling. It's a different take on Lucius/Severus than you usually see.

We Who Persevere by summerborn

Lucius is very human -- not sympathetic or nice, just very real in his arrogance.
Plus, it's brought to you by the letter P!

And there's this art piece. It was in Pornish Pixies ages ago so you've all probably seen it but I must share -- just in case. I wish I had the artistic vocabulary to describe it. To me, it looks like a Victorian watercolor illustration for a very disturbing children's book. It's Marauders era Severus, James, Sirius. It's non-con It's NOT work safe.

Wisteria by mneomosyne

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Date:2006-05-16 08:09
Subject:Poetry Challenge Fic: Immemorial, Sirius/Remus Rated R

Title: Immemorial
Pairing: Sirius/Remus
Rating: R for slash.
Disclaimer: Not mine.
Warnings: Angst
Summary: Sirius and Remus and a progression of autumns.
A/N: This was written in response to the hp_literotica Poetry line challenge.
Thanks to summerborn for the beta.

The leaves, they were withering and sere;
It was night in the lonesome October
Of my most immemorial year--

From "Ulalume" by Edgar Allen Poe

ImmemorialCollapse )

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Date:2006-05-15 21:07
Subject:HP Fic: Sweeter This, Alice/Frank Longbottom Rated R

Title: Sweeter This
Characters: Alice & Frank Longbottom
Rating: R for violence, bad language, and adult situations.
Disclaimer: Not mine
Warnings: Het. Violence, torture, angst. These are Neville's parents -- you know what happens.
Summary: Genfic, Alice and Frank Longbottom and the end of the first war with Voldemort.
A/N: In honor of Mother's Day, I give you this extremely depressing piece.
Thanks to ion_bond for the beta.

Rated RCollapse )

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Date:2006-05-04 13:13
Subject:James FQF Fic: Moony's Bent, James/Sirius Hard R

Title: Moony's Bent
Characters: James/Sirius, mentions James/Lily, Remus/Severus
Rating: Hard R (NC-17 if you're hyper-sensitive) for boys being boys.
Disclaimer: Not mine
Warnings: Het, excessive British slang
Summary: James discovers Severus and Remus in a compromising position.
A/N: Entry for the James Potter fest at jamesfqf. The prompt was "Sixth-year James catches an eyeful of Remus/Severus and, shell-shocked, tells Sirius. Result? Prank." I saw this prompt and had to enter because I can never stop writing about the Prank, ever.
Thanks to sor_bet for the beta.

Hard RCollapse )

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Date:2006-05-04 00:35
Subject:More than you ever wanted to know about my RL...

Want to know about me and want to tell me about you? Check out the

Interview MemeCollapse )

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Date:2006-04-30 18:08
Subject:Cliche Fic: Mate Or Die, Remus/Neville NC-17

Title: Mate Or Die
Characters: Remus/Neville
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: Not mine
Summary: What Remus needs is a nice soft boy.
Warnings: Chan, wickedness, parody
A/N: Last minute entry for the Old Cliches, New Tricks Fest (hp_cliche). A twist on werewolves don't kill their mates...

NC-17Collapse )

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Date:2006-04-24 17:07
Subject:HP Challenge Fic: Sharing, Snape/Lupin/Black NC-17

Title: Sharing
Characters: Lupin/Snape/Black
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: Not mine
Summary: Severus doesn't like sharing.
Warnings: Angst, three in a bed.
Beta: sor_bet
A/N: aylaranzz provided the following prompt.. "Severus & Remus are secretly together during OotP. It's been weeks since they've last seen each other and Sirius finds them in a compromising position in Remus's room. For some unknown reason they don't kick Sirius out. Bonus if Sirius joins in."

NC-17Collapse )

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Date:2006-04-21 11:11
Subject:HP Fic: Hog's Head, Snape/Lupin NC-17

Title: Hog's Head
Characters: Lupin/Snape
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: Not mine
Summary: Snape and Lupin at the Hog's Head Inn
Warnings: A little angst, some silliness, and lots of sex
Betas: regan_v, ion_bond, sor_bet -- Thank y'all.

NC-17Collapse )

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Date:2006-04-14 13:39
Subject:X-Men Fic: Squish, Wolverine/Pyro NC-17

Title: Squish
Characters: Wolverine/Pyro (X-Men movie 'verse)
Rating: NC-17 for man sex and violence
Disclaimer: Not mine
Summary: One word -- sentinels! (Actually, sentinels as an excuse to have painful, agnsty sex)
Warnings: One word -- sentinels! Also angst and painful sex. John is referred to as a "boy" and "kid" but I'm assuming he's 18, I think that's even canon.
A/N: I wanted to get this out before the next movie.

NC-17Collapse )

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